LogixPath Business Operations Management Software

What is Operations Management?

Design and control the process of producing goods or performing services.

What is Effective Operations Management?

Optimize the process to provide High Quality Products, with Low Cost and On Time Delivery.
Digitize your daily business operations with LogixPath software. Make your product development, customer order management, product manufacturing and service delivery, and customer collaboration more streamlined and more efficient.

Software Design Philosophies

Focus on Business Operations Management Essentials
for Small to Medium Size Businesses

SME Operations Management
  • Product Management: product, pricing, and Bill-Of-Material (BOM) management.
  • Resource Management: parts and material, personnel, and equipment management.
  • Order Management: product sales orders, service work orders, and project based job orders management.
  • Process Management: tools to define and standardize business processes, and to track business operations based on processes.
  • Purchase Management: purchase order management, purchased goods management.
  • Production Management: product manufacturing process flow management, real-time shop floor resource usage and status tracking.
  • Inventory Management: inventory stock in/out and shelf life management, trace goods based on lot numbers and serial numbers.
  • Customer Relationship Management: customer collaboration, and customer services management.
  • Single Software Platform: efficiently manage business processes and elements from sales orders to product and service fulfillment using one single software platform.
  • Easy To Use: intuitive user interfaces, no professional IT skills required to use the software. Can access software from computers, tablets, and smart phones.

As a result, companies can spend their valuable time on core businesses to provide better products and services, and achieve higher customer satisfaction and profitability.

Use Advanced Technologies

We bring latest technologies to businesses to operate more effectively
  • Cloud Technologies: we use cutting-edge cloud technologies to provide high performance and secure services in cloud. LogixPath software is hosted by Amazon AWS cloud services.
  • Edge Computing: we try to bring the computation as close to the users as possible to increase performance and reduce bandwidth usage. We use advanced in-browser JavaScript to provide faster data display and more responsive user interaction.
  • Native Mobile App: we use leading mobile application development platform Ionic to build LogixPath Mobile App with rich functionalities, intuitive and aesthetically elegant user interfaces.
  • Software Development: with advanced software development platform and modularized software packages, we are able to develop new features and capabilities with high quality and speed.

We are continuously exploring, learning, and applying latest technologies to our software design and development.

LogixPath Operations Management Business Modules

System Architecture, Hosting, and Security

  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile device support
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS phone & tablet
  • High performance with Amazon AWS cloud hosting
  • Public cloud or customer internal server hosting

  • Comprehensive data access control
  • Encryption for sensitive data
  • Site access monitoring and control
  • Site customization