LogixPath Business Operations Management Software
We bring latest technologies to Businesses to effectively manage information and processes
from product development to sales orders and to production or services

Mission and Software Design Philosophies

Increase Business Operation Efficiency

LogixPath software helps businesses to increase business operation efficiency
  • Managing key business elements and processes using comprehensive, intelligent, secure, intuitive and easy to use software tools.
  • Managing business operations by using the software designed based on the product sales to production to delivery life cycles.
  • Automatically generating data statistics, reports and charts, and display them on dashboards or export to files.
  • Easily building and administering customer facing business websites to communicate products and services information to customers.

As a result, business users can spend their valuable time on core businesses to generate higher revenues and profits.

Use Advanced Technologies

We bring latest technologies to businesses to operate more effectively
  • Cutting-edge cloud technologies: it provides high performance and secure services in cloud.
  • Advanced in-browser JavaScript software: it provides fast information display and highly dynamic user interaction.
  • Leading mobile application development platform: enable us to build business management mobile applications with rich functionalities, intuitive and consistent user interfaces.
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We will continuously exploring, learning, and applying latest technologies to the LogixPath software design and development.

System Architecture, Hosting, and Security

  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile device support
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS phone & tablet
  • High performance Cloudfoundry/Amazon cloud hosting
  • Public cloud or customer internal server hosting

  • Comprehensive data access control
  • Encryption for sensitive data
  • Site access monitoring and control
  • Site customization