LogixPath Operations Management Software Overview

LogixPath Operations Management Software manages key business elements and processes involved in the lifecycle of producing or providing products and services. Our objective is to assist businesses to efficiently manage daily operations with intuitive and intelligent software.

Customer Benefits:

  • Efficiently manage business elements involved in the lifecycle from sales orders to product/service fulfillment with LogixPath software application.
  • Effectively follow through the product production and service execution processes to ensure they are executed as planned.
  • Discover and control the costs and qualities during the product production and service execution.
  • Enable traceability for regulatory and ethics compliances and customer mandates.
  • Enable users to manage businesses anywhere at anytime.

Primary Business Modules: products, customers, vendors, product sales orders, purchasing orders, inventories, product production or service execution, product and material traceability, project management, document library, and post sales customer support.

The software is equipped with fundamental business software capabilities, such as data access control, critical events alert and warning, business approval process, etc.

Primary Users: product and service producers and providers, such as Manufacturers, Service Providers, and Distributors. The software is used by their executives and managers, production operators, inspectors, supervisors, inventory managers, project managers, sales and purchasing personals, customer support, and business customers.

Software Access: the software services are hosted by Cloudfoundry and Amazon public cloud, accessible via computer, tablet, mobile browsers and Mobile Application. LogixPath Mobile App download locations:

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Design Philosophy
  • Have broad coverage of the key business elements and processes involved in providing products and services
  • Follow the sales to delivery business life cycle with focus on the execution management
  • Build software with latest technologies to enable quickly introducing new features
  • Learn how to get started
  • Easy to use user interface: adopted user interfaces used by the contemporary web sites and mobile APPs.
  • No professional IT skills required: traditional ERP systems usually are designed for computer savvy professionals and often need IT support.
  • Computer and phone UI: LogixPath has adaptive user interface and functionalities based on your device type: computer or mobile phone.

LogixPath Business Elements Diagram

Software Editions

Sample Screen Shots
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Business Elements
Modules for All Businesses
Product & CRM Business General Sales & Purchasing
  • Product & Product Category
  • Sell Price
  • Purchase Price
  • Company/Organization & Contact
  • Supplier Management
  • Employee & Job Position
  • Department
  • Asset & Equipment
  • Project Management
  • Project Tasks Management
  • Business Events Calendar
  • Cost & Profit Analysis
  • Customer Support
  • Document Library
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Received Payment
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Paid Payment
  • Shipping Method
Inventory Modules
  • Inventory
  • Stock Master Data
  • Purchased Batch
  • Lot Number Management
  • Serial Number Management
  • Location
Production Modules
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Production Routing
  • Job Order
  • Production Job Run
  • Produced Batch
  • Asset & Equipment Service

Product Features Overview
Integrated Information Management

  • Efficiently organize large quantity of distributed operations data and relationships.
  • Element creation, editing, cloning, and deletion.
  • Element relationship creation, editing, and navigating between related elements.
  • Mission critical elements due date alerts.
  • Elements searching, listing, and sorting.
  • Export and import data to/from commonly used file format files, such as CSV files.
  • Key business elements have individual object level data access control. The permission is configured by the object owner.

Sales to Delivery Lifecycle Tracking

  • Effectively follow through the processes from sales orders to product deliveries without missing deadline.
  • Following business processes to create and navigate between business elements from sales to delivery.
  • Having a one page 360 degree overview of all data involved in a sales to delivery cycle.
  • Intelligently detecting and alerting users for the overdue or due soon sales and purchasing orders.
  • Tracing back a product or parts' origins and entire lifecycle by a given serial number or lot number.

Inventories & Assets Management

  • Recording inventory stock cycle counting
  • Managing inventory stock In and Out activities
  • Use a serial number or lot number to search and display a stock's life cycle
  • Scan Barcode or QR Code to search for an inventory using LogixPath Mobile App
  • Capable of defining multi-locations per inventory
  • Providing stock level warning when it is below the user defined threshold

Product Production Management

  • Tracking and analyzing a production run's input, output, operators, costs, equipment, time and quality.
  • Applying approval process to production tasks to ensure the quality of the production or services.
  • Creating and managing product BOMs. Supporting multiple versions.
  • Providing tools to compare two BOMs and displaying side-by-side all the differences between two BOMs.
  • Recording and analyzing detailed production run and individual production task costs and profits, including material costs, operators costs, and other costs.

Projects & Costs Management

  • Tracking project activities and hot issues.
  • Searching tasks, activities and issues by phrases or owner.
  • Forecasting and tracking project costs and incomes using multiple pricing models.
  • Associating business elements, such as Sales Orders and Job Orders, to projects.
  • Searching business activities by timeline, products, and responsible people.
  • Quick retrieval and display of Today, This Week, This Month business activities.
  • Click a business event in the calendar to view its detail.

Operations Big Data Analysis

  • Aggregate data over a time period to analyze business performance: costs & profits, product sales, vendor performance, and operations efficiency.
  • Sales Dashboard: viewing company sales and profitability trend, uncovering the best selling products and the most loyal customers.
  • Purchase Dashboard: viewing company purchasing trend, finding the most purchased parts and materials and the top vendors.
  • Project Dashboard: providing a grand view of projects containing overall status, time spent, duration, important hot issues, and costs & profits.


System Architecture, Hosting, and Security


Software Hosting

LogixPath software can be hosted on a public cloud, user company private cloud or internal network, or even on a laptop. The end user interface is designed to support desktop, tablet, and mobile device such as smart phone.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

LogixPath provides a cloud-based hosting service using Pivotal's Cloudfoundry PaaS. Pivotal Cloudfoundry is physically hosted in the Amazon Web Services public cloud which is the worldwide leading Web Services hosting. Users can access LogixPath software to perform their operations management from their computers, tablets, or smart phones anywhere anytime.

Customer Hosted (On-Premises)

A company has the option of licensing the LogixPath software, installing it in its own choice of public or private cloud, internal network servers or even a single computer to provide software services to its users. Under this model, the software will be managed by the customer company. This model is available for limited geo-locations and it is under specific terms and conditions. Please contact LogixPath customer support for more details.


Security is one of our top priorities. We encrypt sensitive data using strong encryption methods. We use PostgreSQL and MongoDB database which provide native database access control to the data store.
    At the application layer, we designed and implemented comprehensive data access control capabilities to enable LogixPath user site administrators to control WHO can perform WHAT operation on WHICH type of element.
    We also provide site traffic monitoring capabilities. Site administrators can monitor their site visits including access date time, IP addresses, usernames, client device/browser types, the features visited and the operations performed.

Company Site Administration

A company site can have one or more site administrators. Site Administrators can manage login users and user data access controls. The data access control specifies which users have what data access permissions on which types of elements. The data access permission types include read, modify, add, delete, export, and import.


LogixPath system is designed to support global business operations. It supports multiple languages, countries, and currencies, and it is designed to support additional languages, countries, and currencies with minimum effort. The system contains daily updated currency conversion rates. While calculating costs and profits, it performs automatic currency conversion. Currently it supports:
Languages: English and Chinese;
Countries: United States and China.
Currencies: United States Dollar, China Yuan Renminbi, Euro, United Kingdom Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, and Japan Yen.


Site administrators can customize their sites' List of Values, such as inventory categories, currency conversion rates. Many business elements support User Defined Attributes to enable users to customize attributes of an individual object.
    If a company would like to have a fully customized site acting as its company web portal, such as having its own URL domain name, home page, contact us page, the company can choose the Dedicated Deployment license model. LogixPath will collaborate with the company to create a dedicated and fully customized company website or portal.

Data Export/Import

System provides capability of exporting data to .csv files or .xml files for external file backup. Microsoft Excel application can read .csv file. xml is a type of file which can preserve your data hierarchy, such as a sales order may have multiple line items. You can import data from .csv or .xml files to create or update corresponding elements into LogixPath database.

Business Knowledge Base

Just like all of operations management personals, LogixPath management staff continuously learn and advance our operations management knowledge and skills. We keep our knowledge up to date by reading industrial news and trends, financial market news, and latest industrial technologies. We share our learning experiences with you by posting basic business operations concepts, laws, corollaries and formulas on LogixPath website and providing links to recent industrial, financial, or technologies articles.

LogixPath Content Publishing System enables us to publish these references and knowledge on production to expand and enrich our Knowledge Base contents continuously. We welcome and appreciate our users to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Please submit your contents or links to LogixPath via online support module or email.

Continuous Development to Provide Industry Leading Tools

LogixPath is committed to our customers. We continuously research and implement new modules and functionalities based on industrial standards and trend, and customers requests. We also update existing modules and functionalities based on customer feedbacks.