Operations Data Analysis, Reports, and Dashboard

  • Aggregate data over a time period to analyze business performance: costs & profits, product sales, vendor performance, and operations efficiency.
  • Sales Dashboard: viewing company sales and profitability trend, uncovering the best selling products and the most loyal customers.
  • Purchase Dashboard: viewing company purchasing trend, finding the most purchased parts and materials and the top vendors.
  • Production Dashboard: providing a grand view of product production history, profitability and quality trend. Enable you to uncover potential production process, quality or equipment issues.
  • Project Dashboard: providing a grand view of projects containing overall status, time spent, duration, important hot issues, and costs & profits.
  • Received Payment Dashboard: viewing company income trend, summarizing your primary income sources.
  • Paid Payment Dashboard: viewing company cost trend, uncovering where you spend the most money.

Sample Screen Shots

Sales Order Dashboard