Integrated Information Management Overview

  • Efficiently organize large quantity of distributed operations data and relationships.
  • Broad coverage of day-to-day used operational business elements.
  • Element creation, editing, cloning, and deletion.
  • Element relationship creation, editing, and navigating between related elements.
  • Mission critical elements due date alerts.
  • Elements searching, listing, and sorting.
  • Export and import data to/from commonly used file format files, such as CSV files.
  • Key business elements have individual object level data access control. The permission is configured by the object owner.
  • Manage business information and process on computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Business Elements
Modules for All Businesses
Product & CRM Business General Sales & Purchasing
  • Product & Product Category
  • Sell Price
  • Purchase Price
  • Company/Organization & Contact
  • Supplier Management
  • Employee & Job Position
  • Department
  • Project Management
  • Document Library
  • Asset & Equipment
  • Cost & Profit Analysis
  • Business Events Calendar
  • Customer Support
  • Business Website Builder
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Received Payment
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Paid Payment
  • Shipping Method
Inventory Modules
  • Inventory
  • Stock Master Data
  • Purchased Batch
  • Lot Number Management
  • Serial Number Management
  • Location
Production Modules
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Production Routing
  • Job Order
  • Production Job Run
  • Produced Batch
  • Asset & Equipment Service

Functionality Highlights

Company Management Module

Company Management module includes managing customers, vendors, and the site company subsideries. One specific company can play both customer and vendor roles. In this case, there is one single Company record in the LogixPath system for this company. In addition to the primary company profile data, LogixPath system provides a "360° View as Customer" and a "360° View as Vendor" for this company.

  • 360° View as Customer: display the sales orders associated to this company, payments received from this company, stocks sent to this company, etc.
  • 360° View as Vendor: display the product or material purchase prices from this company, purchase orders made to this company, stocks received from this company, etc.

Due date auto-detection and alert system

LogixPath equips you with intelligent tools that automatically detect mission critical business elements' due date and provide overdue or due soon alerts. The elements with this functionality are: sales order, purchase order, job order, and support request. The alerts are displayed in the element list view and detail view. The company site administrator can set the warning and alert time threshold.

Business element search and listing

All types of business elements support search and listing. Each type of element can be searched based on the criteria unique to this type of element. For example, purchasing price can be searched by Product, SKU, Vendor, etc. In the element list view, users can re-sort the result data using one of the element attributes in ascendant or descendant order.

Document Library

LogixPath provides a generic online library feature for your company to host documents and articles online and sharing. You can create one or more Document Libraries.

  • Document library contains files uploaded to cloud, articles authored in the application, and external links.
  • Organize library documents with unlimited level of folders and sub-folders.
  • Support multiple document library sharing models: private, to specific users, to specific departments, or public to all users within the company site.

Sample Screen Shots

Product Detail Page

Sell Price for Product Bundle

Purchasing Price List