Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's unique about LogixPath software in comparison to other business management software?

Answer: LogixPath Operations Management Software manages key business elements and processes involved in the lifecycle of producing or providing products and services. Enterprise ERP software focuses on business information management and resource planning, and MES software focuses on manufacturing execution management. For small to medium size businesses, enterprise level ERP + MES software are too "heavy" and too expensive.

LogixPath solution is a light weight "mini" ERP+MES system. It focuses on the business information management and manufacturing execution management. It covers key business elements and processes. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. From data security perspective, it has built-in role based data access control system, and it controls access to every type of elements and every type of operations on each type of elements.

Our software enables users to build logical and tight relationships between business entities so that users can navigate from one business entity to another easily, and also enables users to have overarching views of all related business entities.

With LogixPath software, production and service personals and managers can closely monitor and control the entire lifecycle from sales order to purchasing and production execution to ensure they progress as planned and have high quality outcome.

Question: Who are the primary users?

Answer: The primary users are product and service producers and providers, such as Manufacturers, Service Providers, and Distributors. The software is used by their executives and managers, production operators, inspectors, supervisors, inventory managers, project managers, sales and purchasing personals, customer support, and business customers.

Production and Services companies can benefit the most from the LogixPath software. These businesses require to purchase raw material and parts, store them in the warehouse as inventory, and to produce goods or perform services using these material or parts.

If your business is the Make-to-Order type, our software can efficiently manage the entire life cycle from your customer orders to purchasing material, producing goods, and to delivering the finished products or services to your customers. The business elements many-to-many relationship management capabilities can help businesses to efficiently tracking the life cycle of the business operations, and to reverse trace a specific lot number or serial number.

Question: How to Subscribe the LogixPath software service?


  1. You start with Sign Up the Service online (the Starter Edition is free of charge). In the registration form, please specify the requested subscription level: Free Starter, BusinessHub, Business, or Enterprise Edition.

  2. LogixPath administrator will create your business site based on the information you provide, and email you the login information.

  3. You login to LogixPath system and start to use the service immediately!

  4. If you select a paid service edition, LogixPath administrator will create your Subscription order and invoice in the LogixPath system. You review the order and invoice, and then pay in LogixPath system using a credit card (Visa, Master, or American Express card). Your LogixPath software service subscription fee is due and paid monthly.

Learn more at Getting Started Guide

Thank you very much for selecting LogixPath Software as your business management solution! We believe it can help you to achieve higher performance with your business.

Question: Why is the service available to United States, Canada and China users only?

Answer: LogixPath Operations Management is implemented based on United States, Canada, and China business rules. For example, we implemented and validated the asset depreciation methods according to US, Canada and China accounting rules.

We always welcome you to become a strategic LogixPath partners to participate our Alpha program. Please contact us online or email us at for Alpha program details.

Question: How to migrate existing data into LogixPath system?

Answer: If you have small amount of data, you can enter them into LogixPath system manually one by one through the interactive user interface. Otherwise, we recommend you to use batch import approach.

For each type of business elements, you enter your data into one or more CSV or XML files, then import data in the files using batch process. Each entity type has its own data importing user interface. Please refer to User’s Guide for the detailed procedure, and download the sample CSV or XML files.

Question: What are the limitations of the free Starter Edition?

Answer: Currently there is no functionality limitation with regard to business element management, and there is no trial time limit. The limitation is the number of instances you can create per entity type (up to 100 instances per type) and the overall storage size (limited to 20MB). The Starter Edition doesn’t include the Website Builder functionality.

Please review the Pricing page for more details.

Question: 与其他企业管理软件比较LogixPath软件有什么独特性?

Answer: LogixPath企业运作管理软件管理生产或提供产品和服务过程中所涉及的关键业务元素和流程。大企业ERP软件注重信息管理和生产计划管理,MES软件注重生产执行管理。对于中小型企业,大企业级的ERP + MES软件系统过于“沉重”而且过于昂贵。

LogixPath系统是一款轻量级的ERP + MES软件。它注重信息管理和运作执行过程的管理。它涵盖关键业务元素和流程。用户界面直观易用。在信息安全方面,它具有基于角色的信息访问控制系统,访问控制是在每种元素和对于每种元素的每种操作层。



Question: 软件的目标用户包括哪些?

Answer: 主要用户包括中小企业的产品和服务制造者和提供商,例如制造商、服务提供商和分销商。这些企业的管理人员、生产操作员、检验员、生产主管、库存管理员、项目经理、销售和采购人员、客服人员用此软件来帮助日常运营管理。


Question: 如何订购LogixPath软件服务?


  1. 首先在线注册服务(欢迎注册免费启始版)。 在注册表格中,请选择您需要订购的软件服务级别:免费启始版、Hub-业务中心版、Business-商务版或Enterprise-企业版。

  2. LogixPath系统管理员将按您提供的信息创建您们企业的站点,并通过电子邮件向您发送登录信息。

  3. 您登录到LogixPath系统后,马上可以开始使用软件服务!

  4. 如果您选择了付费软件服务,LogixPath系统管理员生成您的服务订购订单和发票。 您在LogixPath系统中阅览订单和发票,然后用信用卡(Visa,Master或American Express卡)在线支付软件服务月费。对中国客户,请使用国际信用卡用货币美元支付。 您的LogixPath软件服务订阅费每月到期支付。



Question: 为什么LogixPath软件服务只对美国加拿大和中国用户?

Answer: LogixPath运作管理软件是基于美国、加拿大、中国的企业规则设计和开发的。 例如,我们按照美国、加拿大、中国的会计准则开发和验证了资产折旧方法。


Question: 如何将现有数据输入LogixPath系统?

Answer: 如果数据量不大,您可以通过交互式用户界面一个个地输入进LogixPath系统。如果数据量较大,建议使用数据导入方法。


Question: 免费启始版的限制是什么?

Answer: 目前免费启始版没有企业元素管理功能和试用时间的限制。每种企业元素的数量有限制(不超过100个),总存储量限制在20MB。免费启始版不能启用企业网站功能。