Technologies Behind LogixPath

LogixPath software is built on top of multiple leading open source platforms, such as: Java, Spring Framework, Ionic Framework, Cordova, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DOJO, Bootstrap, D3.JS, C3.JS, Tiles, Joda Time, ZXing ("Zebra Crossing"), jsPDF, Stripe, GIT, JUnit, Ant and etc.

Kudos to the following software and hosting technologies, and the people behind them. These sophisticated technologies enable us to build and provide an advanced business management software.

LogixPath Cloud Software Service is hosted by the leading Enterprise PaaS (Platform as a Service) Cloudfoundry provided by Pivotal Software, it is hosted on Amazon cloud. For users located in China, some software components are hosted by the China leading cloud provider Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) to achieve the best performance.


LogixPath server software is built on top of Java technologies, we use Spring Framework. We use multiple additional technologies provided by the Apache Software Foundation to build, test, and manage our application software.


We use PostgreSQL as our relational database engine to persist most of structured information data, and use MongoDB to store flexible JSON-like document data.


LogixPath leverages Bootstrap technology to provide elegant and responsive user interface. We use Dojo Toolkit to provide advanced widgets on the page, such as calendar, tree structured data view, etc.


LogixPath Mobile Application is built with Ionic Framework which uses Apache Cordova to build and deploy cross mobile platform (such as Android phone and Apple iPhone) applications.

Ionic Framework provides intuitive UI components and development tools to accelerate the software development and deployment. Cordova enables our software to access mobile native features, such as camera, without writing platform specific native code. This makes software more robust and development faster.


We use D3-based C3.js reusable chart library to draw charts on the data statistics reporting dashboard.


We use ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") barcode scanning library to generate QR Code images (Quick Response Code).


We use Client-side JavaScript PDF generator to generate PDF file, such as invoice file.


Last, not least, we integrate with Stripe, the leading online payment platform, to handle your LogixPath Software Service Subscription payments.