Business Website Builder and Hosting

  • Customizable home page
  • Site defined navigation system
  • Web page containing: rich text formatted contents, embedded images and videos, hyperlinks.
  • Site page search by keywords or page contents phrases
  • Product catalogs with search capabilities
  • Online product orders
  • Products and services promotion
  • Contact Us page
  • Mobile friendly page display
  • English and Chinese website
  • Website visits tracking report and dashboard

Functionality Highlights

Customizable Website Home Page

  • Company name, logo, mission, etc.
  • One splash image or multi-images carousel
  • Rich Text formatted company overview
  • Company contact information
  • Customizable contents with formatted text, links, embedded images, and embedded videos.

Navigation System

  • Customizable top navigation menu items
  • Customizable left secondary navigation menu items
  • "Promotional" sections in the left navigation

Web Page Contents

  • Rich Text formatted contents similar to MS Word document
  • Embedded Images: dynamically uploaded images by the site administrator. Click an image to go to an designated external or internal page or view the full size image.
  • Embedded Images: statically linked to any image on the internet
  • Multi-images carousel
  • Embedded videos: dynamically referenced external videos. They are hosted on popular video websites, such as YouTube and Youku, or any video server site administrator defined.
  • Links to external or internal web pages

Product Catalogs And Online Orders

  • Product catalogs with search capabilities
  • Products and services promotion
  • Display detailed product information including product configuration parameters
  • Online product orders

Demo Website
  • Currently, the website builder and hosting service is available primarily to United States customers.
  • All websites built and hosted on the LogixPath platform must comply with local government laws, regulations and guidelines.