Getting Started Guide

This document provides general guidances on how to get started with the LogixPath application. It also gives overviews on major business modules.

How to Subscribe the LogixPath software service?

  1. You start with Sign Up the Service online (the Starter Edition is free of charge). In the registration form, please specify the requested subscription level: Free Starter, BusinessHub, Business, or Enterprise Edition.
  2. LogixPath administrator will create your business site based on the information you provide, and email you the login information.
  3. You login to LogixPath system and start to use the service immediately!
  4. If you select a paid service edition, LogixPath administrator will create your Subscription order and invoice in the LogixPath system. You review the order and invoice, and then pay in LogixPath system using a credit card (Visa, Master, or American Express card). Your LogixPath software service subscription fee is due and paid monthly.

Please review the Pricing page for more details on the Subscription levels and prices. If you have any questions or need additional information, please Contact Us.

Learning Material

  • PDF format step-by-step tutorials: These tutorials provide comprehensive sets of step-by-step instructions which guide users to accomplish certain tasks, such as how to create and edit customers and suppliers, products and prices, Bill of Materials (BOM), projects, sales orders, inventories, work orders, production runs, etc.
    To make the learning and exercises to be as close to the real world as possible, we created a fictitious company called "Wonnovation Manufacturing". The tutorial material will show you how to manage the day to day operations for this fictitious company.
    You can download the tutorial document in the user home page.
  • User's Guide: User's Guide provides very detailed description of every business element's attributes, and also provides detailed operations instruction. It is a context sensitive online help document. For example, if you are on the Sell Price related pages, clicking the upper right corner "Question Mark" to see the Sell Price related topic of the User's Guide.
  • Online Training Videos: These training videos give user a general guidance on how to use the LogixPath Software in Cloud and LogixPath Mobile Application.
  • Additional help:
Business Management Modules
Sales to Delivery Lifecycle Tracking
Product Production Management
Inventories & Assets Management
Projects & Costs Management
Business Website Builder & Hosting
Data Analysis, Reports, Dashboard