Concept: Manufacturing Environments
Summary: Manufacturing environments by process structure: 1) Projects 2) Job shops 3) Disconnected flow lines 4) Connected flow lines 5) Continuous flow processes.
Detail: 1) Projects: fully customized process and production procedures.

2) Job shops: Jumbled flow. Small quantities produced with a high variety of routings. Set up are common.

3) Disconnected flow lines (most common): batch process. Product batches are produced on a limited number of identifiable routings. Individual stations are not connected by a paced material handling system.

4) Connected flow lines: assembly line. Product is fabricated and assembled along a rigid routing connected by a paced material handling system.

5) Continuous flow processes. Continuous product flows automatically down a fixed routing.

  Low volume
Low standardization
Low volume
Multiple products
Higher volume
Few major products
High volume
High standardization
Project X P    
Job shop X X P  
Disconnected flow lines X X X P
Assembly line P X X X
Continuous flow   P X X
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